Are You a Master?


Are you a Master?

I am not afraid of the 1000 punches you have, I am afraid of the 1 punch you have practised 1000 times. To be a Master, you must first be a Master of the basics.

In life, to attain expertise and success in any endeavour, you must first attain competency and to be competent, you must first master the basics.


How to become a Master at anything:

  1. Identify your Want:
    What is it that you want to do?
  2. State the reason Why:
    Give the reasons why you want it. This will double as your drive to success (Need to be an Influencer; Need to have your own house; Need to be a role model; Need for a better lifestyle etc).
  3. Outline the Skills needed:
    This is where you list the skills needed to achieve what you want.
  4. List the Resources:
    Here you list all you need to get the skills and other things i.e. money, tools, and anything that falls into this category.
  5. Ascertain the Duration:
    You must have a time limit in which to fulfil your goals.
  6. Find out Where:
    Where have you chosen to achieve your goals?
  7. Create an actionable and realistic Roadmap:
    Your step by step outline of all you are going to do and how with timelines.
  8. Get a Life or Business Coach:
    You can probably go through all the above steps on your own but a Life and Business Coach will add tremendous value to you and save you more in time, cost and process. Also, your coach can double as your mentor thereby motivating and driving you to success.

If the above has been useful to you, kindly ask for the How To Be A Master’s at Anything course and also share with anyone that might benefit from it.

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