“There will always be people who say you can’t achieve what you want to. They will tell you to be practical and stop dreaming about such lofty success. Surrounding yourself with too many naysayers is not good for you. It’s actually a good idea to keep one or two close as motivation. When they say you can’t do something, you can say “watch me.” Naysayers give you the push you need to succeed and prove them wrong. In addition to having a naysayer in your circle of friends, you do want to have a bigger group of other people who strive for success the way you do. Seeing other people work hard and achieve goals is very inspiring.”  An excerpt from ‘Steps to be Successful’, one of John’s presentations.

John speaks on a variety of topics that challenges the norms and the way we think spurring people into changing their mindset and looking at new ways of doing things.

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